Budapest - Raday Utca Apartment for Rent

Information about Raday Utca

The heart of the fashionable ninth district, Ráday Utca is a pleasant street bursting with trendy boutiques, cutting-edge art galleries, and dozens of pleasant cafes and restaurants, many with outdoor seating. If you are looking for Budapest's bohemian scene, you will find it here. The street is home to some of Budapest's most innovative restaurants, and all types of cuisine are on offer.

This link shows a google earth view of Raday Utca

This link shows the apartment location on a map

This link shows Raday Utca - the apartment block is on the left hand side just beyond the large group of trees.

Budapest now has its first MICHELIN starred restaurant - it's called Costes, just a few doors away from the apartment. Take a look at the website here.